I am an independent photographer based in Brazil where I work as a stringer for the Associated Press (AP) and as a contributor for Redux Pictures, in New York.

I have BA degree in History at the Estacio de Sa University.

For AP I covered the arrest of the Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the ongoing military intervention in Rio’s state, the Olympic and Paralympic 2016 Games, the 2014 World Cup in Rio and the dam collapse in Mariana, considered one of the worst environmental disaster in the world.

In 2016 I traveled to Tunisia, where the Arab Spring started and a place that suffered several attacks of the terrorist group ISIS, to tell the story “Ben Guerdane Border Crisis Between Tunisia and Libya”, in contribution for Redux Pictures.

I worked for local newspapers in Brazil, covering daily-life stories and the violence in Rio. In 1997, at O Dia newspaper, I worked on special assignments such as the dissidents of Eldorado dos Carajás (picturing the survivors of 1996’s massacre of landless workers); and Slaves of XXI Century, showing the people who are forced to work for landowners inside the Amazon’s forest.

As editor, I was responsible for more than 20 photographers at the O Dia and at the daily Meia Hora.
In 2010, I coordinated and trained a team to work on sports coverage, when the sport daily MARCA was launched in Brazil

Documenting various aspects of Latin America, I photographed workers in the world’s two largest copper mine, in Chile. In Cuba, I captured the most vivid elements of Cuban society and the legacy of the Cuban Revolution for a special project titled “Portraits of Cuba”.

My work has been recognized with awards:

International News Beat Coverage or Continuing Story category by the National Headliner Award with the AP team in a cross-format coverage of violence in 2017, in Brazil.

ESSO National Award of Photography.

Vladimir Herzog for Humans Rights.


Profile picture: ©Joao Laet